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Red-letter holiday (Hungary)

15th March is a red-letter national holiday in Hungary. Some people say this is the most important national holiday in Hungary.
On this day in 1848 some Hungarian youngsters, the so-called “March youngsters”  made a revolution in Pest - Buda. From the university they marched to the National Museum, where Sándor Petőfi, a young poet and revolutionist gave a speech and read his poem, the “National Song”. Thousands of people demonstrated with them in the streets and forced the rulers of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy to accept The Twelve Points (laws) that ordinary people had created. This revolution was short living. The emperor of the Habsburg Monarchy called his army into war against the Hungarian revolution. So it changed into a War of Freedom, which we lost against the overpower in 1849.
On 15th March all Hungarians who love their country, put a three coloured (red-white-green) cockade on their clothes. In my school - and in many other schools - we have a celebration, where we commemorate the heroes of the Revolution and the War of Freedom. The classes usually gather in the courtyard, sing the national anthem, listen to the rhetorical speech of one of the students who has won a competition with it and watch a performance of 10. C (English bilingual class).
My opinion is that we should do something more. I am not thinking of another revolution but simple relief actions for our fellow countrymen.

Written by Higher Level English Group, 11. B
Photo by Marianna Kajdi (Ms)

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