streda 16. mája 2012

Kati Day Show (Hungary)

The “Kati Day” Show
I had a great school program and I can’t believe the autumn is over! Based on a
tradition, our class set up the Farewell Show for the school-leavers. We worked hard
to make the show great. We had many rehearsals. The dance to the music of ‘Grease’
was Dávid’s and Szabolcs’s idea. They are very creative boys. Fanni and Daya helped
a lot in the choreography of the dance. The day came and the program was ready.
First, the freshmen had their funny initiation revues in the program. The shows were
great and I was laughing a lot. Still, I felt very nervous because I was worrying about
the show of our class. When our time came, I wasn’t nervous any longer, fortunately.
I think we performed our program perfectly. When it was over, our teachers said
good things about the show and every student liked it. I’m so proud of my class
because we made a cool revue. Many thanks to all my classmates because everybody
helped everybody else and this is why we could be successful.
I’m sure next year we’ll also enjoy the show that will be made for us to say good-bye.
Written by Emese Szabó, 11. B
Photo by Fanni Magyar, 11. B
Montage by Emese Szabó, 11. B
Varga Katalin Gimnázium
Szolnok, Hungary

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