streda 9. mája 2012

Baking Greek Bread - Pita (Hungary)

On 29th September our school organised a traditional Sports Day.
The day before, one of my classmates and our form teacher travelled to our place in the town of Törtel and we baked about 50 pieces of Pita (Greek bread). First, we kneaded the ingredients together in a big bowl. After that we formed a lot of little buttons and extended them until the form looked like PIta and left the dough to rest for about half an hour. After all that we baked them in the oven. We not only enjoyed making Pita but it was also a chance to get closer. So we got to know one another and the cooking science of one another.
The next day we cooked the meat over an open fire and made the salad and sauce with my classmates on the spot.
I really enjoyed this day and the whole Sports Day. I hope that this tradition will last for a very long time in our school.

Written by Fanni Magyar (Ms) from 11. B
Photo montage made by Bence Kinyik (Mr) 11. B
Varga Katalin Gimnázium
Szolnok, Hungary


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