streda 14. marca 2012

Introduction of the school. (Sweden)

First, we wold like to introduce you to Sweden and Malmö, the town in south of Sweden where our school is situated.
Malmö is the third biggest city in Sweden and about 300.000 people live here. It is a multicultural city with many nationalities present. One of the most famous footballplayers of today, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, grew up here, in the outskirts of Malmö. This part of town is called Rosengård (Garden of Roses) and here you find many different cultures living together. Another way in which the multiculturality is shown is in the presence of different churches: a synagogue, a mosque and a German Church for example.
There are many places worth visiting and many old beautiful buildings. The old tower or castle, now a museum, was built in the 15th century and here the Danish kings lived on their visits to Scania because then Scania was a part of Denmark. The oldest buildings and churches that are preserved are from the 14th century and these middle age farmhouses are today shops.  When you walk in the town centre you also notice the old buildings from the time that Malmö was a centre of trading with frequent connections with Denmark and Germany. Today, it is still a good town if you like to go shopping! We especially like the many shopping malls! In contrast the skyline of Malmö today holds a building that is 190 m high and is called the Turning Torso.
If you want to have a good dinner or go partying Möllevångstorget is one of the great places to be but Malmö has many clubs and pubs so it is easy to find a favorite place where you and your friends can meet.
We are looking forward to telling you more about our hometown and culture!
Written by Elin, Elvira, Frida, Linnea, Mia, Mindy, Simon, Simon, Sophie and Robert.

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