streda 8. februára 2012

Matriculation (by Juri Oravec, Slovakia)


As you may know, there is a one tradition concerning high schools in Slovakia. It's called "imatrikulačky".
To clear it up is about accepting new students to "school clan". 1st graders have to perform tasks prepared by 4th graders. Tasks have to be confirmed by the school director to avoid a humiliation. Each class is dressed up representing some topic. For example, I have seen: ninja turtles, pigs, smurfs, Native Americans and so on... 4th graders determine, what topic 1st graders have to be dressed up like. While 4th graders prepare tasks for them, 2nd and 3rd graders should prepare some program activities, for example dancing, acting some scene or even a part of a play, or singing and even playing on some instrument. ...Who can take part in? ..everyone from school, students, teachers and even ex student are welcome.

      So, let's start how does it look like at that day. 1st graders come to the school, and they dress up inside the  4thgraders classes. Then together with 4th graders they go to the square and they shout, for example that their 4th graders are the best and so on. One couple holds a banner that 4th graders prepared to show that they are the best. They may even beg for money from people they meet. It takes approximately one hour and then they go to in advance reserved theater. At first, the director has an address and then come tasks. After performing tasks comes program of 2nd and 3rd graders. After that, students go together, for example to pub, or to have a pizza and so on :) I really like that day, mostly now when I am in my second grade. :)

1.) They had to dance seducting dance, lol.

2.) She had a task to express her love to her teacher, lmao.
3.) They had to feed with covered eyes each other with yoghurt, haha

4.) A punishment for those, who haven't done what they had to do

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