štvrtok 1. decembra 2011

Teenager´s life (Simuš Valachová, Slovakia)

I think, that teenagers all over the world have the similar  problems, dreams or hobbies. Every teenager has some problem, which is important for himself. In these age, we have our first love stories, first bigger brawles with parents or first lectures about sex behind us. There are so many ways, where we can go. It’s only at us, which one we will choose.
I wanna tell you something about teenagers life in Slovakia. There’s the common student’s week. Monday is very boring day, ‘cause the whole week is just before us. School and examinations are our nightmares. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and there is Friday afternoon. This is the best feeling for me. Whole weekend is in front of me and I’m looking forward to that. Everybody is going to prepare at the evening. Friday‘s nights are the best for fun, dance and to relax for us. Rožňava, small town where I live, doesn’t offer so many disco bars like a big cities, but there are some good bars, where every teenager can go to dance and have a fun. When you walk trough the town during this night, you‘ll see not just a teenagers. There are a lot of adults, who want to relax at the bowling club. But stop just about Friday’s night. There is Saturday and Sunday too. Families often go somewhere to nature, during the weekend. Our surrounding is so beautiful. It well worth to see it. What about dreams ? Every young person wants to be famous, rich and wants to have a big house with beautiful family. I don’t think, that it’s a true value of life. Money is just a material value, but I wanna have mainly a healthy family and a person, who will stand by me and  he’ll love me J I wanna tell you something about our hobbies too. There, in Slovakia, are the most popular sports football,  ice-hockey and basketball too. You can know our football players like Martin Škrtel, Marek Hamšík, Miroslav Stoch, Robert Vittek, Jan Mucha or ice-hockey players like Ľubomír Višňovský, Zdeno Chára, Marián Hossa, Miroslav Šatan. Between the teenagers are theese sports so popular. For myself is the best volleyball and football too. Some students prefer books, chess or knitting, but there aren’t a lot.
 I love my student’s life, ‘cause it’s so easy.


by Simuš :)


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